Updates for Residents & Family Members

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May 22, 2020

The Mather has no additional known cases of COVID-19 among residents or employees. Thank you for your diligence in adhering to sheltering in place—it is really paying off, in tandem with our strong infection control protocols.

We are pleased to share some important updates:

Relaxation of Shelter in Place Protocols: Starting immediately, we are implementing phase one of easing restrictions on staying home. Residents who take precautions may now walk and bike outside the community and have small outdoor gatherings. Please keep the following in mind:

  • When walking or biking, wear a mask and stay distant (6 feet away) from others. These activities are for fresh air and exercise; do not go into stores or other places of business.
  • When gathering outdoors, wear a mask and maintain physical distancing (6 feet), with no more than four residents in a designated space at one time. Tables and chairs will be set in Burnham Patio and Props 2 with proper distancing. We ask that you do not add additional seating. While we will be wiping down the area twice a day, we ask that you use the supplied cleaning supplies to self-clean the chairs and tables before and after use.
  • Starting next week, you will be able to take a drive in your vehicle for an essential medical appointment or a joy ride alone or with your spouse. We ask you to not visit a store or another place of business. More information will be shared next week.

Current restrictions for The Mather Life Centre remain in place.

As we relax some of our shelter in place protocols, please remember the importance of hand hygiene, physical distancing, and mask wearing.

I would like to thank the resident advisory group and other residents who made recommendations to relaxing some of our current protocols.

I hope you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. Our team members will be thinking of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. It’s a good time to connect virtually with loved ones and enjoy moments of quiet reflection.

We encourage residents, family members, and employees to contact us with questions. Please call (847) 492.4651 or email bewell@thematherevanston.com.

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