Let’s make home sweet home even sweeter

A whole new way of life is calling.

Let’s answer it.

Now, doing what you want to do is no longer just a novel idea. Repriorment™ living varies for every resident of The Mather, but they would all agree the word embodies a philosophy that encourages older adults to embrace their new, worry-free lifestyle by rediscovering the joy of long-forgotten pursuits we all push to the side as we make our way through the world.

At The Mather, Repriorment™ is more than just a word we use to encourage residents to have fun or try new things—it is deeply ingrained in the programs we schedule, the activities we develop, and the social get-togethers we create. Through our Repriorment™ programs, we provide ongoing unique opportunities and choices to residents, allowing them to enjoy life on their own terms.

What is Repriorment™ living?

  • It’s discovering new passions.
  • It’s rekindling old passions.
  • It’s learning how to paint.
  • It’s watching your garden bloom.
  • It’s a night out with your friends.
  • It’s giving yoga a chance.
  • It’s your first taste of sushi.
  • It’s telling your family about your first taste of sushi.
  • It’s attending a concert on a Tuesday night.
  • It’s remembering how much you love a thunderstorm.
  • It’s reading a new author.
  • It’s all this and more.

We’ve been able to pick up things that we weren’t doing enough of and start again.

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